Diwa Tamrong - Somebody Else's Problem - A printed object that encourages viewer participation, includes access to a blog that the owners can upload to, edition of 25, first 5 have cyan covers

Sorrow | Jubilance 7" PT. 1: Lucky Dragons/Weekend - Cyan colored vinyl, Risograph cover, screen printed dust cover, edition limited to 333

Swill Children is an umbrella, things reside under it.

Swill Children encompasses a number of projects in one place, both through the internet and physical formats. The goal is create community through association.

Swill children were roaming bands of kids during the industrial revolution that traded kitchen refuse for use as fertilizer and hog food ('swill'). The idea of using something intended for something else is the projects fundamental concept

Swill Children was started in 2009 by Jesse Hlebo but involves many people such as Alec Dartley, Bryan Krueger, Michael Ray-Von, Grant Willing, Kate Pollack, Cory Hanson, and Joe Ahearn.

More infos : www.swillchildren.org

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